Muir Woods National Monument is a unit of theNational Park Service on Mount Tamalpais near thePacific coast, in southwestern Marin County, California. It is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and is 12 miles (19 km) north of San Francisco. It protects 554 acres (224 ha),[4] of which 240 acres (97 ha) are old growth coast redwood(Sequoia sempervirens) forests,[5] one of a few such stands remaining in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Salvador Dal_ - Tutt'Art@ - (10)
Galatea of the Spheres is a painting bySalvador Dalí made in 1952. It depicts Gala Dalí, Salvador Dalí’s wife and muse, as pieced together through a series of spheres. The name Galatea refers to a sea nymph ofClassical mythology renowned for her virtue, and may also refer to the statue beloved by its creator, Pygmalion.

Mountain time with Zehra

Rock Climber over Lake Tahoe
Bluebird skies greeted Zehra and I as we arrived in Lake Tahoe to celebrate the end of the 2014 year. It was cold as hell, 15 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact, but that didn’t stop us from exploring all that Tahoe has to offer. Our days were filled with outdoor activities and trading stories from the day’s adventures over dinner. Though, something was different about this trip. Zehra, now 13, is a growing young women capable of making her own decisions – sharing her own perspective and opinions. Fatherhood is changing for me as well, instead of imposing the thoughts and advice I’ve tried suggesting for her, I’ve decided to let go so tightly and allow her the space to find her own path.
Lake Tahoe snowy ski run

Comfortable in our new found roles we skied around the area as much as we could, Emerald Bay, Incline Village, Tahoe Village and Alpine Meadows. Clear skies and sunshine gave us the perfect opportunity for hiking and rock scrambling in the area. Although, I may have scared Zehra with my need for the rock climbing photos, the climb was worth it. Watching my daughter’s grin as she peered off the top of the mountain was priceless.

Father and Daughter pose in front of Lake Tahoe

At the end of each day we returned to Sunnyside Restaurant and Lodge happy and hungry. The staff at the bed’n’breakfast can not be beat and their restaurant . . . well, let’s just say their dinner is as good as the view.

enze apparel presentation


ENZE APPAREL Debuts with Fashion Presentation in Downtown Los Angeles. 

ENZE Apparel celebrated our first public presentation Thursday evening at the RNT23 Downtown Los Angeles location.  Guests had a chance to see the beauty of the womenswear designs in movement as models danced in select looks from Turkish designers, Nihan Peker, Lug Von Siga, and Zeynep Erdogan.   A mixture of evening wear, cocktail and ready-to-wear were worn by ENZE models and staff.  NYC male models wore looks from the Ron Tomson Los Angeles line, RNT23.  DJ REBEL filled the downtown loft space with dance beats which was transformed from a menswear showroom and retail store to accommodate a dance floor and photo booth to capture the night’s party.

The Enze Apparel team is honored to host the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul designers for the first time on U.S. soil. We have worked tirelessly to hand select an apparel line which showcases the craft of Turkish design while complimenting the lifestyle of the American Woman.  Traditional Turkish textiles such as silk and wool crepe coupled with the use of intricate woven detailing adds a level of sophistication to the collection’s sartorial edge. Our collection’s palette of soft whites, blush tans, dove greys, navy and black embraces and celebrates femininity, while silhouettes maintain the modern take on classic designs. We are thrilled to put the final touches on our website as we prepare the final stages before opening our “doors” to Enze Apparel.




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An Afternoon in Santa Monica (continued)

a triptych of winter vegetables at the Santa Monica Farmers Market

The Santa Monica Farmers Market wasn’t the only stop for the day.  The weather was perfect for walking around and checking out the shops.  


It wasn’t long before coming across a few vintage Rolex pieces that caught my eye.  Nobel Gems may have lured me in with the men’s watches in the window but it was the women’s 14 Karat white gold and diamond watch that dated back to the 1950’s that stopped me in my tracks.    


Next stop was one of my go-to stops when I’m in the area, Santa Monica Seafood.   This full service shop is stocked with fresh caught seafood from local fisheries along the central coast of California.  Glass cases that wrap around the interior of the store showcase the daily catch.  For those who want a break from cooking, SMS offers a menu with seasonal specialities.  One of my favorites is the cioppino, a traditional Italian fish stew with clams, mussels, fish, shrimp and calamari. Try it next time you’re in the area and let me know what you think!

A Colorful Day in Santa Monica


If you want a colorful day visit the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market

It’s hard to believe Winter is quickly approaching when it’s still 80 degrees during the day.  The assortment of colorful winter vegetables found at the farmers market seemed to be the only reminder of the chilly night ahead.  Punchy reds of fresh persimmons, potatoes in reds, whites and purples, and eggplants in all shapes and sizes filled the stalls.













The adventure in color didn’t stop there  .  .  . check back here tomorrow to read about the second half of my day and  funky furniture finds, mosaic tiles and fresh fish market finds.